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According to our survey, the average person spends just sort or $100 on each Christmas gift. That's why our Christmas 2023 gift suggestion list has all the best gift ideas that you'll find that are under $100.00. Some gifts are much less and some gifts are a whole lot more. But our research team at Nobrain have found that $100.00 is the sweet spot when it comes to great gifts for someone we really care about. Christmas is definitely that time of year where we like to treat our special people with a beautiful heartfelt gift that really says we love you and appreciate all that you do. A thoughtful gift says that we have spent time listening and finding out what our loved one really wants. Sometimes it may not be our taste but that's not the point. Let's get over ourselves and buy gifts that people need and want. It's not hard if we really care and take the time to buy a gift that means something.

Coffee Table Books. Not just for decoration

large books with pictures

We love beautiful coffee table books. They are full of magnificent glossy pictures and are a fabulous accessory to a sophisticated living room. Coffee Table Books are a popular gift this year as people try to unplug and enjoy some peace and serenity. Give a gift of a coffee table book to your loved one who is passionate about food or architecture or the great outdoors. These books have stood the test of time . Go old school this year and buy your loved ones some beautiful books.

Board games for Kids

Christmas Gifts under $100 Gift #2

Playing board games is a great way to spend time with the family. Kids love Games Nights and so do we. Treat the kids on your list to a fun favourite board game from your childhood and create great family memories. Board games will never go out of style and when the weather is dreary outside, a board game can make it fun inside. There are thousands of board games for family fun to choose from.

Scented candles. Always on trend with new and delicious scents

Christmas Gifts under $100 Gift #3

Romance and scented candles go hand in hand. Find out her fave scents and you will be golden. Vanilla is always popular along with cinnamon and spice. I don't know anyone who is not gaga for candles of all shapes and varieties. There are candles in jars that smell like Apple pie and candles that give a romantic atmosphere to any room. Candles are a huge fave with the ladies we polled at No Brain so that's all you need to know.

Coffee themed gifts for the coffee lover on your list

Christmas Gifts under $100 Gift #4

Who doesn't appreciate a nice warm beverage in the morning to kick start your day? Our team at Nobrain has been known to get into heated discussions about the best coffee grinder, coffee maker, coffee cups and of course coffee beans. It's not news that a truly great cup of coffee has been known to solve many problems and getting a coffee themed gift for the special people on your Christmas List will definitely solve your gift giving conundrum.

Craft Supplies for Kids

Christmas Gifts under $100 Gift #5

Kids of all ages love to make things from scratch so why not get them some craft supplies. Do they love to paint or make things with paper? Do they like to make beads or sew fabric? Are they creative with clay or glue or maybe pastels? Get their creative juices flowing and get them some craft supplies and let them go wild.

Electronics for Kids

Christmas Gifts under $100 Gift #6

Kids of all ages are very tech savy. Kids love to get their little hands on the latest fun gadget to make learning actually fun. From reading tablets to electronic games kids could really teach us a thing or two about getting onboard with the newest and latest technology. Electronics for the little ones in your life will always be super gifts. Trust us.

Dog Lover Gifts

dog lover apron

Here at Nobrain it's no secret that we are all big time dog lovers. Our extensive and scientific research has shown us that giving a dog lover something for their pooch is always appreciated. Humans and their dogs are a pretty special combo. Seeing a human with their special four legged bestie fills our heart with joy. Does he need a new leash, bowl or toy? Really when you get a gift for the dog you are saying we love you and your special pet. Treat Rover to a special dog grooming or a fun cozy dog bed. The options and variety of special gifts are endless.

Garden Gnomes

Gnomes for garden

We love the retro kitschy feel of garden gnomes. Add some fun and lightheartedness to your garden with a gnome dressed like Elvis or sporting cool sunglasses. Creating a colourful scene of whimsy in your green space is sure to delight the neighborhood. Garden Gnomes are the hottest thing in gift giving since the chia pet. We all crave a bit of fun and the garden gnome ticks all the boxes with the team here at No Brain.

Hot Sauce for Him. He loves to spice things up

sauce that is spicey

Its no secret that guys are over the moon for hot sauce. There are thousands of varieties and for many guys the hotter the better. There are sauces with cool and funky labels and ones that come with a waiver. Hot sauces are super cool and getting your guy a selection of wild and interesting sauces will definitely give him the burn that he loves. You could also get him some hot and spicey snacks to go with his hot sauces. We love hot sauce too and so will he.

Grooming Gifts for Him

lotions and creams for men

Guys of all ages and stages are taking better care of themselves. From skin care regimes to hair care, guys want to look as good as they feel. Treat him to the latest in grooming trends to help him achieve that catwork style that he yearns for. How about a cool blow dryer to help him shave off minutes in the morning? Help him look the best he can. Remember when he looks good it also makes you look good too.

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At Nobrain we do things a little differently. Most websites that suggest Christmas gifts do it with a motive. They almost invariably are promoting their products or products on which they make a commission. Here, our gift ideas are purely based on research, years of experience and a little intuition. We've been suggesting gifts for about fifteen years and we have an outstanding track record for getting it right. So, if you are looking for a truly heartfelt gift for Christmas 2023 that's under $100, look no further.
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Our Top Ten Christmas Gifts under $100 for June 2024

  1. A cozy and adorable set of matching reindeer onesies for couples to snuggle up in together on Christmas morning, all for under $100!
  2. The luxurious cashmere sweater from a high-end designer brand would make a perfect, yet affordable, Christmas gift under $100.
  3. An embroidered throw pillow with a festive holiday design would make a lovely and affordable traditional Christmas gift under $100.
  4. A Rudolph-inspired onesie with a flashing red nose that doubles as a party starter and cozy pajamas, complete with reindeer antlers and a matching tail.
  5. Give the gift of laughter this Christmas with a "Santa's Naughty List" mug, complete with a list of all their questionable decisions from the past year. Only $12.99!
  6. A luxurious leather watch from a high-end brand like Fossil or Michael Kors would make the perfect, single expensive Christmas gift for under $100.
  7. How about a personalized photo blanket featuring cherished memories for your loved one to cozy up with this holiday season?
  8. A classic and timeless gift for Christmas would be a handmade wreath, filled with fresh evergreen branches, berries, and pinecones, all for under $100.
  9. Surprise your significant other with a playful and sexy Christmas gift under $100, like a naughty elf costume or a spicy massage oil set for some holiday fun!
  10. A sexy lingerie set with a matching satin robe and lace stockings for a flirty and fun Christmas night in.

Reviewed / updated: 23-12-16

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