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It's not a joke, we are serious about in selecting gag gift ideas for you and your friends. Our team always searches for the best gift ideas, the most unique gag gifts and the best joke gift values. We even found some novelty gifts that should tickle your funny bone. If you want funny and original gift suggestions - you've come to the right place.

All of our gift suppliers have been carefully chosen because of their outstanding service and the wide variety of unique, fun and funny gifts that they stock. We have high priced gag gifts that will amaze you and low priced joke gifts that will make you giggle all the way to the bank!

Thanks from the gag gift team at Nobrain - ya we actually have a team of them!

Labyrinth Wooden Maze - Hours of Fun or Agony!!

Wooden Maze

You know the concept, get the ball from the starting point to the end. Easy right? Wrong!!
This challenging maze will entertain and frustrate you. Hours of fun for the whole family. We loved this maze!! Try it yourself. Go ahead we dare you!!

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