Our Suggestions for Gag Gifts:

Step into the realm of high quality humor with us as we embrace the art of selecting gag gift ideas that are more than just a laugh. At Nobrain, we take merriment seriously, scouring for the best in comedic gifting. From the most unique gag gifts to unparalleled joke gift values, we're here to tickle your funny bone. Our treasure trove even boasts novelty gifts that promise delightful chuckles. So, if you're on the lookout for side-splitting and original gift concepts, your quest ends here.

Each of our esteemed gift suppliers has been handpicked for their exceptional service and their diverse range of one-of-a-kind, amusing, and entertaining offerings. From high-priced gag gifts that amaze to budget-friendly joke gifts that promise giggles all the way to the bank, we've got your funny side covered. Thanks from the chuckle-inducing crew at Nobrain - yes, you read that right, we've got a whole team dedicated to bringing you the joy of gag gifts!

Labyrinth Wooden Maze - Hours of Fun or Agony!!

Wooden Maze

You know the concept, get the ball from the starting point to the end. Easy right? Wrong!!
This challenging maze will entertain and frustrate you. Hours of fun for the whole family. We loved this maze!! Try it yourself. Go ahead we dare you!!

Bananagrams Game

Fun game of bananagrams

This is a super fun and enjoyable gift for those who love scrabble or word games. Bananagrams is a fast and fun game that requires no pencil, paper or board. All you need is a table. It is super for family fun games nights as well as being educational. Bananagrams' portability makes it perfect for travel. Just grab the pouch and go. We can't get enough of this game and the loved ones on your list will be so happy to receive this.

Corporate Gift fruit basket

A beautiful fruit basket makes a thoughtful corporate gift. Fruit Baskets never go out of style and are loved by all. It can really show how much you appreciate a job well done or thank a client for coming on board. This gift says we value you and thank you so much.

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As we bid adieu to the world of novelty gifts and gags, remember that laughter and merriment are timeless treasures. These quirky tokens of joy are a testament to the power of a good chuckle and a shared smile. Whether it's a prank, a playful trinket, or a whimsical keepsake, the magic of novelty gifts lies in their ability to brighten any day. Here's to embracing the lighter side of life and celebrating the uniqueness that makes us all smile. Thank you for exploring the world of novelty gifts with us at Nobrain - your ultimate source of fun and laughter!

Our Top Ten Gag Gifts for February 2024

  1. A personalized "World's Okayest Boss" mug with a fake motivational quote on the back, guaranteed to make any boss chuckle and remind them not to take themselves too seriously.
  2. A stuffed animal with a tiny sign that says 'I'm not fat, I'm fluffy' makes for the perfect cute and clever gag gift.
  3. Give the gift of reflection with a mirror that constantly displays inspirational quotes, reminding the recipient to always believe in themselves and their abilities.
  4. A hilarious poop emoji pillow that will guarantee laughs and giggles from your friends and family.
  5. A personalized toilet plunger engraved with the recipient's name - perfect for those crappy days when everything seems to go down the drain!
  6. A 24-karat gold plated toilet paper holder that comes with a refill of unicorn hair infused luxury tissue paper, guaranteed to add a royal touch to any bathroom.
  7. Give the gift of existential crisis with a "World's Best Failure" trophy.
  8. A bag of edible underwear, complete with flavor choices, perfect for the adventurous and playful couple.
  9. Need a laugh? Give your friend the gift of eternal confusion with a never-ending roll of toilet paper.
  10. A personalized "Do Not Disturb" sign for the bedroom door with the recipient's name and a suggestive message like "Busy Testing Our Limits" or "ADULTS Only, Enter at Your Own Risk.

Reviewed / updated: 23-12-05

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