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Here at Nobrain.com we are constantly searching for unique and interesting gifts for children of all ages. We are constantly researching what gifts children actually want and will actually use. Gift giving can be stressful but we have taken that stress away by providing you with excellent tips and suggestions for great gifts. Check out our latest gift selections for children and see for yourself.

Dragon Masters. A very popular series by author Tracey West

books about dragons for young readers

The Dragon Master series are early chapter books for young readers. Currently there are 9 books in the series and kids can't get enough of the suspense and vivid pictures. These books are definitely hot for the 5 to 7yr olds on your list. We have kids ourselves and they love these books. The author is Tracey West who is highly regarded in children and young adult books. She has authored over 200 children's books.

Board games for Kids

Children's Gifts Gift #2

Playing board games is a great way to spend time with the family. Kids love Games Nights and so do we. Treat the kids on your list to a fun favourite board game from your childhood and relive great family memories. Board games will never go out of style and when the weather is dreary outside, a boardgame can make it fun inside. There are thousands of boardgames for family fun out there to choose from.

Craft Supplies for Kids

Children's Gifts Gift #3

Kids of all ages love to make things so why not get them some craft supplies. Do they love to paint or make things with paper? Do they like to make jewellery or sew fabric? Are they creative with clay or glue or maybe pastels? get their creative juices flowing and get them some craft supplies and let them go wild.

Electronics for Kids

Children's Gifts Gift #4

Kids of all ages are very tech savy. Kids love to get their little hands on the latest fun gadget to make learning actually fun. From reading tablets to electronic games kids could really teach us a thing or two about getting onboard with the newest and latest technology. Electronics for the little ones in your life will always be super gifts. Trust us.

PJs for Kids. Cozy fun jammies are always a great gift.

Children's Gifts Gift #5

Kids of all ages just love cozy jammies. Fun and cozy jammies are like a big warm hug on a chilly night. Check out the fun jammies with action heroes and fun cartoon characters. Jammies never go out of style and kids can never have too many. On a recent gift poll, pjs came out as in the top 5 of really loved gifts. Buy the little people on your list some fun jammies.

Sporty gifts for kids

Fun games for active kids

Kids love to be active so why not get them some fun sporty gifts to keep them having fun. Are they into basketball or hockey? Do they like rollerblading or scateboarding? Active kids are happy and healthy. Find out what gets them moving and wrap it up in a big bow. We love gifts that get kids moving without it being a chore. Active gifts do not always have to be bats and balls. Any toy that gets kids off the couch and unplugged is fine with us.

Wooden toys for Kids

Toy made of wood for children

Many toys stand the test of time. Wooden toys will always be popular with kids. These toys are not only educational but heaps and heaps of fun.These toys give them a chance to use their imaginations. We brought some wooden blocks into the office last week and we had a blast and we're adults. ( Well we pretend to be). Wooden toys are classic and don't need batteries. Get the little people on your list some wooden toys and see how delighted they will be. Maybe it will bring back fond memories of playing with your own wooden toys as a youngster

Bananagrams Game

Fun game of bananagrams

This is a really fun and enjoyable gift for those who love scrabble or word games. Bananagrams is a fast and fun game that requires no pencil, paper or board. All you need is a table. It is super for family fun games nights as well as being educational. Bananagrams' portability makes it perfect for travel. Just grab the pouch and go.

Hair Accessories for Her

Children's Gifts Gift #9

All of the women in your life would really apreciate and love stylish hair accessories. We have found the women of all ages love interesting hair accessories. These can be fun, practical, stylish and sophisticated. A beautiful hair clip can complement a lovely updo. Women of all ages just love hair accessories. Nobrain staff and friends are in love with hair accessories.

Stuffed toys for kids

big soft bear for cuddling

Kids have always loved stuffed toys. Whether it be a stuffed bear or a bunny kids can never have too many stuffed toys to take to bed. Give into to their need for a bigger collection of stuffed toys and get them a giant bear or a lifesized giraffe. Trust us here at Nobrain, kids will always be delighted to receive the gift of a stuffed toy or seven.

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