Our Suggestions for Baby Shower Gifts:

So you have been invited to a Baby Shower and have no idea what to buy? You have come to the right place. We have done the research to find great gift suggestions for you. We have ideas for every budget and taste. Also don't forget about the Mom when buying a baby Shower Gift. She really deserves something nice too. Baby Shower Gifts is one of our most popular categories as many people are invited to baby Showers but are really confused about what to buy. Put your mind at ease. We are here to help you find great gifts for the baby Shower.

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Baby Skin Care. You want only the best for baby's sensitive skin

lotions and washes for baby's sensitive skin

We all love the smell of a freshly bathed baby but their skin needs tender loving care. We here at Nobrain love the wide range of hypoallergenic baby skin care products on the market today. You don't want to put harsh chemicals on a baby's new skin. Pick up a selection of bath washes, shampoos and moisturizers to make a thoughtful and practical gift for Mom to use on her new baby. We have done the extensive research so you don't have to. The baby Skin Care market has doubled in the last 2 years. New parents want only the best for their baby and will love that you have bought skin care specifically designed for a baby's sensitive skin. Skincare for baby is always a thoughtful gift

Baby Clothes are so adorable.

soft and cozy things for baby to wear

Who can stand how cute baby clothes are? When baby is a newborn, the best option for clothing is the baby onesi which have snaps at the crotch for easy diaper changing and large openings for a little baby's noggin. When baby gets a little older then dressing them up in jeans or dresses is so much fun. Moms really love receiving cute and cozy baby clothes as baby gifts. Clothes are always a thoughtful gift for a new mom so she doesn't have to go out and buy clothes herself. Trust us, baby clothes will forever be a big favourite gift item.

Baby Booties are too adorable for words

pretty little foot coverings for babies

Who can resist super cute baby booties? Little baby feet need to be protected from the harsh elements with adorable baby booties. Baby booties come in a huge selection of colours and styles so that baby can always look fabulous and have warm tootsies. We all couldnt believe how beautiful the new designs in baby booties were. Babies in booties go together. The booties are perfect for a baby Shower gift. Our research shows that baby booties are number 1 in gift popularity and are off the chart when it comes to super cuteness. All of us at the No brain sales team are so in love with them. Trust us you will love them too.

Diaper Bags. You will never know

a bag to carry everything for baby and look stylish too

We know these are not officially for baby but Mom needs a cool carry all for all of the things a baby needs. Diaper bags are definitely not what they used to be. Diaper Bags actually are pretty stylish these days with all the look and feel of a high end hand bag but with the practical bits as well. Diaper Bags have tons of pockets and zippers to store Baby's creams and wet wipes. Cool diaper bags are on trend this year and the new mom on your ist will be thrilled to receive one. Wish these beauties were around when our kids were babies. Never wanted to carry around Disney themed bags.

Nursing Mom Pillow. Cozy and practical

a comfortable pillow to rest baby when nursing

When baby is nursing, mom needs a comfy pillow to rest on her lap or leg. A comfy nursing pillow is the hot new item on every new mom's wish list. These pillows are not just soft and snuggly but can be thrown in the washing machine if baby has a little accident. Nursing Pillows are large and small and come in a variety of colours and fabrics. They are a very thoughtful gift for both the new mom and her baby. I wish they had these things when my kids were babies.

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Did you find something for the baby Shower? Thank you for visiting our site and we really hope you come back soon. We are always updating our gift suggestions with new and interesting ideas for Baby.

Our Top Ten Baby Shower Gifts for June 2023

  1. A custom-made personalized book about the baby's first year.
  2. One practical Baby Shower Gift could be a set of safe sleep habits book.
  3. One thought-provoking Baby Shower Gift could be a book on labour and delivery. Not only would the recipient receive an informative gift, but they would also learn a lot about their own body and potential birthing experience.
  4. One valuable Baby Shower Gift could be a nice set of baby clothes or crib bedding.
  5. A packed diaper bag with a few fresh diapers and wipes, a pacifier, and a cute little onesie or sleeper
  6. Some unique baby shower gifts include clothing items, toys, and baked goods.
  7. A baby registry would be unique and heartfelt.
  8. A squishy teddy bear or a pink elephant.
  9. One thought provoking baby shower gift could be a wooden duckling figure, which can be used as a toy and is engraved with the new parents' first and last name.
  10. If you are looking for an expensive baby shower gift, consider a personalized baby registry. This can be a great way to show your appreciation for the expectant mom and help the new parents organize their household.

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