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This is what you have been waiting for. We have updated our list of the 2020 hot Christmas Gifts for him. The important guys in your life want and deserve great Christmas gifts. He is a special person to you and show you much you appreciate him and all he does by getting a Christmas Gift that he really wants. We have done the research and found that guys can sometimes feel neglected at Christmas. So this year lets get him a gift that he needs and loves.

Anyhow, here are our ideas for my list of 2020 hot Christmas gifts for him - Enjoy!

Music for Him

music inspired glasses

Music is a fantastic gift and can bring back wonderful memories of when he was younger and still had hair. Does he like the blues, country or rock and roll? Maybe he's a jazz fan or prefers the classics. Whatever his taste, getting him the gift of music will be a gift that he will truly love.

Tools for him. These never go out of style. He loves tools

tool to fix things

Is that guy in your life a lover or the latest tools? Does he spend his saturdays roaming the hardware stores playing with the tool displays? Men love tools and getting him a brand new shiny tool will definitely be a gift that he will love. Power tools have changed alot since he was a kid. Buy him a tool that he wouldnt dream of buying for himself. Tools for him are really a Nobrainer

Beer makes an excellent gift anytime of year.

Beer is the gift of the year for 2021

Our team here at Nobrain has done the research and the results are in. Guys love beer! No we are not kidding. There are thousands of ways to show your appreciation if your guy is a lover of beer. Firstly get him some new craft beer from a local brewery. How about a fun t shirt with the brewery on the front? Cool coasters and beer glasses make wonderful gifts. Books about the beer making process or cooking with beer are fun and educational. maybe he will even share some beer with you? This, for the third year in a row is THE GIFT of 2021!

Dog Lover Gifts

dog lover apron

Here at Nobrain it's no secret that we are all big time dog lovers. Our extensive and scientific research has shown us that giving a dog lover something for their pooch is a big hit. Guys and their dogs are a pretty special combo. Seeing a guy with his special four legged bestie fills our heart with joy. Does he need a new leash, bowl or toy. Really when you get a gift for the dog you are saying we love you and your special pet. Treat Rover to a special dog grooming or a fun cozy dog bed.

Travel Organizer. Keep cords neat and tangle free

organizer for cords and ear buds

Tangle-Free Travel

Such an awesome and practical way to keep all of your electronic cords organized with this unique and stylish travel roll. Guys really love to keep all of their cords tangle free and they can do just that with this handy dandy organizer. Keep the guys on your list happy by not having to untangle a messy ball cords just to charge their phone. The travel roll keeps up to eight cords and two plugs neatly organized in this super stylish and sleek travel roll. Everyone at NoBrain really loves this unique and very practical gift.

Hot Sauce for Him. He loves to spice things up

sauce that is spicey

Its no secret that guys are over the moon for hot sauce. There are thousands of varieties and for many guys the hotter the better. There are sauces with cool and funky labels and ones that come with a waiver. Hot sauces are super cool and getting your guy a selection of wild and interesting sauces will definitely give him the burn that he loves. You could also get him some hot and spicey snacks to go with his hot sauces. We love hot sauce too and so will he.

TShirts are hot for guys

cool tshirt with fun print

Tshirts are hot. Have you seen the how many different themes and logos on Tshirts these days? Do you have a favourite hot sauce, beer, cereal or action figure? You can find a Tshirt with that right on the front. Show your guy that you get how much he loves Startrek or Spiderman and get him the TShirt. Tshirts are super fun and cozy casual too. He can never have too many Tshirts.

Socks. They are super stylish and very on trend.

colourful socks

Who would have thought that guys actually love getting socks? Not so long ago the gift of socks was an afterthought. No guy out there was excited to get socks and really we kind hated giving them too. Now cool funky socks are super fun and super hip. Stripes or spots or themed or multi coloured, socks are a great gift for the guy who wants to strut their stuff. Don't you want your guy to be as cool as the Prime Minister of Canada?

#1 Gift for Guys in 2021: Oculus Rift plus Touch Virtual Reality System

Virtual Reality Headset and controllers

Is your loved one a gamer? Does he love tech gadgets? Well this year, VR is the go-to gift.This system which includes headset and controls gives you that surreal out of body experience that we want from virtual realty. Up until know the systems have been jerky and pretty pedestrian. Not any more. The new controllers bring your hands into virtual reality so you can interact with the world. It's easy and fun to use and there are 100s of games and apps at the Oculus Store.

Grooming Gifts for Him

lotions and creams for men

Guys of all ages and stages are taking better care of themselves. From skin care regimes to hair care, guys want to look as good as they feel. Treat him to the latest in grooming trends to help him achieve that catwork style that he yearns for. How about a cool blow dryer to help him shave off minutes in the morning? Help him look the best he can. Remember when he looks good it also makes you look good too.

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